• Client:
    Investec, Butlins, Burger King, Swinton, Hugo Boss, Young Learners Nursery EFC, Benson & Hedges
  • Brief:
    Create TV, radio ads, virals, special effects and animations..
  • Skills:
    Concepting, Art Direction, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Animation, Sountrack, Amadeus Pro.
  • Media:
    TV, radio, virals, animation

Investec: Created a TV ad to promote the Investec Internationals rugby games. This won ‘Best Investment Online video’ at the IAC awards 2011.

Butlins: Created a TV ad to reposition Butlins for a younger audience.

Burger King : Created a TV ad to promote Burger King’s offer with the proposition ‘Burgers to crave for’.

Swinton: Created a radio ad to promote Swinton Homecare Plus insurance.

Sony films: Created all the banner animations to promote the two blockbusters ‘This is it’ and ’2012′, using After Effects and Photoshop.

Young Learners Nursery EFC: Created a viral ad to gather support and lobby local officials against the closure of the Epping Forest College’s nursery.

Hugo Boss: Created all the special effects and editing to advertise the new Hugo Boss Augmented Reality experience to be shown in shopping malls worldwide.

Benson & Hedges: Created all the special effects and editing to celebrate B&H heritage.

The Big Push: Created an idea to celebrate the ‘animals that went to war’. This included creating all the special effects, plasticine animation, shooting original ‘war’ footage, editing and grading.

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