• Client:
    Roche - McCann Health
  • Brief:
    To help oncologists feel more empowered when treating patients with melanoma cancer
  • Skills:
    Strategy, storyline, art direction, design
  • Media:
    Poster, iPad app, microsite, game, social media

While there has been major progress in many areas of cancer treatment, primarily through the successful application of targeted therapy, Melanoma is one type of the disease where there has been no progress at all. As a result doctors feel powerless fighting late stage melanoma.

Our task was to help them manage from the first signs of trouble and get them out of this terrible place… Melanoma, one of “the badlands” of cancer, a place you never wanted to go to.

To do that we involved doctors taking them into a state of mind where they believe they could make a difference.

So we created a game where we removed doctors’ sense of constant intimidation. Then we empowered them with a positive fighting mindset that allowed them to achieve an ‘epic win’ and be the best version of themselves when treating patients with melanoma cancer.

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