Mentoring or inspiring creatives, designers and everyone thirsty for innovative thinking and ideas, is what I do best.

Part of that means rolling my sleeves, practicing the crafts together and creating brand experiences, across all platforms, that get people talking and clients smiling all the way to the bank.

Take Design for instance…

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A few shots from my shooting alley, from Wembley to the Rockies and everywhere in between.

From west of the Snake River to northern Spain, Essex, the Alps, Dubai, France and Holland… This small collection shows ordinary people and places in a different light.

Hope you enjoy the shots as much as I did taking them, just looking around and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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Sketching a good idea on the back of a napkin is great.

Art in itself and great therapy, with a couple of lines here, a couple of lines there, then a good headline (or not), you can trigger imagination with incredible force.

Yet a simple sketch has to communicate the idea and convey so much, with just a few simple lines. So here’s to napkins and to sketching, with a few samples of my own…

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Another passion of mine;-) Storytelling at its best, I’m always exploring behaviours, peoples’ needs, aspirations, likes and dislikes, dreams and hopes.

Being super curious by nature, I love channelling a somehow endless source of inspiration, to create stories with images and words, writing films that ‘make sense of the chaos’ and people can relate to.

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